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    Maintenance of UV printers in summer
    When the summer arrives, the UV printer will be more maintenance, because in the summer, the UV is sufficient, then how to maintain the UV printer in the summer? Here are a few small ways to maintain:

    Try to place it in a cool place
    UV printers should be placed in cool, backlit corners to avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight.
    Use an exhaust fan for cooling to ensure the quality of the ink.

    Power off and hydration
    If the printer is vacant for a long time, it can be properly power-off and humidified during power failure. In addition, try not to let the machine stand by, so the temperature will rise, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the equipment.

    Check the condition of the device
    Before each power-on, check whether the nozzle is clogged. Because the summer temperature is high, the nozzle is prone to dry ink. If this occurs, the nozzle needs to be cleaned. If there is a problem with the components, be sure to repair and maintain them in a timely manner.

    Regular cleaning equipment
    At regular intervals, the equipment should be cleaned, whether it is inside or outside the equipment, especially some key parts, it must be kept clean, avoid equipment failure during operation, and ensure the normal operation of the UV printer.