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    Maintenance method of UV machine:
    1.If the UV machine is in use, if the operation and control system fails, it is recommended to find a professional to repair it. Those who have no experience must not disassemble it casually to avoid accidents and damage to the device.
    2.The UV machine should check the equipment for any abnormality before starting each time. If there is any abnormality, please contact the maintenance personnel in time to solve the problem.
    3.Always check the operation of the components of the UV machine and find that the abnormality should be adjusted and repaired in time.
    4.After the operation of the UV machine is completed, the garbage and debris in the inspection machine should be cleaned in time. Do not rinse the machine with water. The machine must be kept dry to avoid electric shock.
    5.UV machine has high-voltage current, the operator should wear insulated shoes when working, to prevent the occurrence of electric shock.
    6.Perform an overhaul every year, and let the professional remove all the components to thoroughly clean and refill the lubricant. When assembling the components, it is necessary to maintain lubrication between the components.