T-shirt Printer


T-shirt printer features:
T-shirt printers are also called flatbed printers. It can print directly on any material object, such as T-shirts, scarves and other cotton clothes. The T-shirt printer is simple and convenient to operate. It does not need to repeat the color registration process. The operator does not need strict training, and the operation can be quickly started and easy to maintain. In addition, the T-shirt printer has a fast printing speed and can be batch-printed, and the input cost of the T-shirt printer is relatively low. T-shirt printers are suitable for all franchisees, attractions, hospitals, schools, clothing stores and other places. However, be careful when using a T-shirt printer. In case the T-shirt printer generates heat, smoke, or abnormal sound, please turn off the power and contact the relevant personnel immediately. If the T-shirt printer is not used for a long time, please pull out the power plug to prevent a safety accident.