Do you really know how to choose a polyester towel?


Polyester fabric is one of the many materials used in daily life. The biggest advantage of polyester fabric is that it has good wrinkle resistance, high elastic recovery ability and no mold. Therefore, polyester material is also often used to make towels. So how do you choose a polyester towel? First of all, choose polyester towels to choose according to your needs. Secondly, it depends on the heat resistance of the polyester towel, because sometimes the towel should be in contact with hot water, and the polyester towel is a material with better heat resistance, and can maintain good stability in an environment of up to 170 degrees. There is also whether the towel is wear-resistant, because the polyester fabric has good abrasion resistance and is not afraid of mold. Therefore, the service life of the polyester towel can be used longer than other materials. In addition, you can see the wrinkle resistance of the towel. Because the polyester fabric towel is not easy to wrinkle, it can maintain the shape better.

Finally, no matter which kind of towel is used, it should be dried after touching the water. Even if it is a polyester towel that is not afraid of mold, it should try to make the towel touch the sun as much as possible to ensure the service life of the towel.