A3 Cutting Plotter


A3 cutting plotter guide
When using the plotter, you should pay attention to the use of the knife. It is not advisable to extend the knife holder too long, generally within half a millimeter. When using the cutting plotter to engrave a small print, the cutter can be stretched appropriately to prevent the knife holder from taking the engraved stroke on the sticker. It is more stressful when engraving small characters. It is suitable for using new knives and slowing down. In addition, no matter which kind of cutting plotter, it is not suitable to use the worn secondary knife, because the surface of the worn secondary knife has been worn, which is easy to cause wear on the inner surface of the seat.
If you find that the engraved word has a corner, you can change the knife first. If the problem is still not solved after the tool change, consider the problem of the tool holder. If there is a problem with the tool holder, try using a shank to drop a little oil into the holder and turn it a few times. If the problem is still there, consider replacing it with a new one.

The reason for the word deformation carved by the engraving machine
1. One of the reasons may be that the knife is too large or the table is too dirty, causing the glyph to be distorted and not sealed.
2. Another reason is that the trolley belt is too loose; or the roll paper shaft cannot accurately follow the motor motion to cause the shape distortion.
3. The motor is lost or the software is set properly.